Strawberry Quiksour

Sour IPA

Tart / Funk

We's not strawberry season. But when you have a ton of NC-grown strawberries from our friends at Happy Dirt in the freezer, you're not going to wait until next May to get brewing. Well, *we're* not.

Brewing a kettle sour ("Quiksour") leans into the natural tartness of the strawberries. So do Belma hops, which ostensibly have a strawberry aroma. Who knows, really, but we like them.

Local paw paw (!), chit malt, oats and not-exactly-local vanilla give it some of that extra extra and signal "milkshake" IPA. No lactose needed for this thik quik -- it's a mouthful on it own and doesn't need bagged cow powder.

Tart, creamy, fruity, and aromatic. How do you do, fellow kids?

Alc. By Vol.
N.C. Malt
To-Go Options
16oz Cans
Drink It With
a straw
Grains Epiphany Barley (Chit), Locally malted barley (Foundation), Flaked wheat, Flaked oats, Two-row brewer's malt
Hops Belma, El Dorado, Magnum
Yeast Helvetica Lactobacillus, London Ale
Other Local strawberries, Vanilla, Local paw paw fruit

Awards & Certifications

Craft Malt Certified

Contains at least 10 percent regional grain


Epiphany Barley (Chit)


Local paw paw fruit


Local strawberries


Locally malted barley (Foundation)