*** // deep breath // ***

It's always a delicate subject, the whole "come and support us" thing. Here goes!

The construction surrounding us (growth that's a direct result of the risk we and others took on this part of town over a decade ago) has been *incredibly* difficult.

Despite the challenges, we're powering through with positivity, great beer (even non-alcoholic options!), and delicious food.

Here are five ways you can support us, this weekend.

1) Not drinking? Grab some food and an NA beverage, and take home a 750ml bottle of our Hard Frost winter ale – a reward for your Dry January discipline.

2) Got a group? Swing by the brewery or book Top Box at Fullsteam - Boxyard RTP ! Groups make a big impact on our bottom line, and it's what fell off the most especially after Covid and during construction. Downtown parking might be a block away, but we promise it's worth it. And there's a TON parking at Boxyard. Book Top Box!

3) Taste-test Rocket Science! Now until January 28th, share your input on a potential change to our best-selling IPA.

4) Indulge in NC's original Girl Scout Cookie flight – five beers, six cookies! Debuts today!

5) Spread the love – forward this post and tell a friend to support us. It makes a huge difference.

** // another deep breath // **

We've patiently weathered years of construction-related challenges. But it's time to kick up our own dust.

This winter, come support the independent locally owned small businesses that enabled the growth you see (and hear).

If you can't make it to Fullsteam DRM or RTP, please support a local, BIPOC-owned, or veteran-owned business.

Your support costs less than the price of a SparkleMug on eBay, and your dollars stay local -- from farmers to maltsters, brewers to bartenders.

Let's defy the algorithm, fill the place, and conquer winter together.


Sean Lilly Wilson, Chief Executive Optimist