Southern Basil Original

Farmhouse Ale

Fruspy (fruit, spice, yeast)

Southern Basil, our most popular summer beer, is an ever-changing feast for the senses and a 2019 Good Food Award winner.

Carolina Malt House barley. Riverbend Malt House wheat. Epiphany wheat. And basil from three local, woman-owned farms (curiously, all with "Spring" in their name!): Copeland Springs Farm (Pittsboro), Maple Spring Gardens (Cedar Grove), and Granite Springs Farm (Pittsboro).

Southern Basil evolves over the season, as local basil matures and fermentation temperatures rise. The Saison yeast loves our hot summers, responding with a full-on punch of peppery, vibrant flavors. It's okay that this plow-to-pint beer doesn't always taste the same. It's a beautiful thing.

Alc. By Vol.
To-Go Options
12oz Cans, Crowlers
Drink It With
Caprese salad, pizza, pasta
Grains GoldPils Vienna, Locally malted wheat, Two-row brewer's malt
Hops Saaz, Magnum
Yeast French Saison
Other Local basil (Maple Spring Gardens), Local basil (Copeland Springs), Local basil (Granite Springs)

Awards & Certifications

Good Food Awards

Winner (2019)

Southern Living Food Award

Winner (2016)

Southern Living Food Award

Winner (2015)